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My maternity leave was coming to an end, the quote for the daycare had landed in my inbox, and my emotions were all over the place. I really didn't want to go back to work full-time after having a baby, but I couldn't afford to stay at home either.

I cared a lot about my career. I was an accountant, and even though it didn't make me happy, it paid me a good salary.

But things had changed. I had changed.

After having my baby, we changed to a cleaner life, and we made everything at home, even our skincare. I had spent hours learning, testing, and creating skincare that worked. It had started to grow on me.

I was a new person with a new passion.

Could I turn this passion for making skincare into a business?

Absolutely YES!!!!!

 However, in order for me to make this move, there were two essential requirements that had to be met.

#1  Earn as much as my corporate job.

#2  Be flexible to work around my baby.

#3  Start it as quickly as possible.

So, I put on my accountant hat and punched numbers into the calculator until I was certain this would work.

I felt confident with my business plan and excited to get all the other pieces in place. 

I studied and qualified with Formula Botanica and other institutes to gain the confidence and the necessary certifications to teach, and I also invested in business and mindset coaches so I was ready to level up to what it takes to run this business. 

And Skincare Makers Club was created.

A club that empowers women to create their own natural skincare and launch a skincare brand that is aligned with their unique values through online courses and private coaching

ONLINE courses

Professionally instructed courses that contain step-by-step instructions and videos that give you the knowledge and skills necessary. Excellent for women who are learning to make their skincare as a hobby or thinking of selling products.  

Access them from any device, from anywhere in the world, at a time of your convenience. And with our own app, you will get all the updates and ask questions. 

One to One Programs:

If you are interested in starting your own skincare brand or adding extra income streams to your current business, then A Strategy Call or The Skincare Atelier is for you.

I can help you with everything from developing your brand identity to creating a marketing strategy to making consistent $5K months. Together, we will create a business plan, develop a marketing strategy, and build a strong foundation for your business.  

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