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Let me guess?

Your journey into making your own natural skincare began in your kitchen.

It began when you saw a recipe on Pinterest or saw someone selling beautiful natural handmade items and decided you wanted to do the same.

Perhaps it was that news article about all the terrible toxins, or your values of low waste, sustainability, cruelty-free, vegan, and organic that prompted you to take skincare seriously.

It's also possible that, like me, you had skin issues that were aggravated by the harsh medications and treatments.

   So you began experimenting and discovered the secret formula to cure your acne or your baby's eczema.    

Congratulations, if you did!    

But, like many of us, perhaps everything you made ended up in the trash or left you in terrible rashes.

You are not alone.

I hear you!

You’re frustrated, confused, tight on money, and not sleeping very well, which is unfair because all you want is to make safe and kind skincare.

It's your dream to sell gorgeous skincare products, make your customers happy and leave your corporate job.

 And when your products are not right, your dream can start fading away.  

Whatever your challenge is, we have got you!

Hobbyists may be curious about whether baking soda can be used in skincare or why we don't measure in cups and drops.

The fluff in the formulation keeps you from thinking about product preservation. "Have you checked the legalities and compliance?" someone asks.  

You're terrified of the number of plates you'll have to spin in order to run a successful brand.  

Everything sounds so difficult.

Relax. You've arrived at the right place!

It's also possible that you're my clone (hello, long-lost sister!) and want to focus on what you actually enjoy doing - crafting skincare and sharing it with others - instead. Launching an entire skincare line is rewarding, and adding a new revenue stream is every entrepreneur's goal.

 Shhh...this route will make you money while requiring you to work fewer hours. And you get to meet new people instead of being isolated behind your laptop screen or in your lab. Discover our most popular program, Skincare Atelier.

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We know it's overwhelming to make your own skincare or launch a brand in an oversaturated market, but we guide you every step of the way. Our courses are designed to help you.

  • suitable beginner and intermediate level
  • access the courses or recipe bundles from anywhere in the world
  • you have lifetime access, so there is no rush to start or finish within a time frame
  • take our recipes and put your stamp on them, so there is one less thing on your to-do list
  • become a certified formulator and create your unique recipes, that drive your audience wild
  • follow our Labelling, Legalities & Compliance module and make getting certificates a piece of cake
  • apply our business teachings and build a strong skincare brand and accelerate your revenues 

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HI, I'm Krishna

Mum of 2 and a furry pet, and the founder of the Skincare Makers Club

In my former life, I wore the disguise of an Accountant. Secretly, deep down, I was a maker – a creator. And whilst working for a world-renowned Cosmetics Company, I started my love affair with skincare products. During my lunch hour, I would eavesdrop and listen to all the cool formulation stuff and my interest in trying to make my own skincare began.

My first step began with reading labels, which meant I became obsessively aware of how awful and toxic some of the products sold in the shops were. So I bit the bullet, looked up some recipes online, ordered my ingredients, and started making.

And guess what!?

All of those products ended up in the bin. Everything I created either made my skin worse or grew mould over it. Ooops, that was meant to be the part of the story where all my dreams came true, right?  


For a while. But my first baby was due in 2 months, and with the news broadcasting about the toxins in our skincare, I decided to reach out to some professional skincare makers who made and sold natural products. And they all told me the same thing: I needed to learn the basics from qualified formulators.
I took their advice and got certified in Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica.

Only, I didn’t want just to launch a skincare range. I really wanted to teach other people what I’d spent a whole whack of money learning myself – only faster, with less fuss, and with outcomes that were just as satisfying.

Since then, I’ve created countless skincare products for myself and my friends and family and taught over a thousand people how to do the same – and then market them – through Skincare Makers Club. (You might be one of them!) Oh, and I no longer wear my Accountant hat because it turns out skincare was far more fun – for my soul, my lifestyle raising two kids and a cute little dog, and my bank balance.
I get a real thrill out of learning, sharing, and teaching, and one of my favourite things in the world is what I call the ‘bath bomb moment’ – the reaction from one of my students when a product turns out exactly as it should and looks beautiful! There’s a sense of satisfaction and pride that leads to even bigger and better things, which is why I’m expanding on my offerings and am now here to teach you to do exactly what I do: not just making skincare but also starting a skincare business selling products or running your own workshops.

I know you are here because you dream of being your own boss, owning a skincare brand, and selling the most gorgeous products that your customers buy on repeat.

Let me tell you something, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

And the secret to that is you taking the first step. The first step to learning to make skincare professionally.

The first step to finding the perfect recipes for your skincare range
The first step to launching a skincare brand alongside your current commitments
The first step to reaching out to your audience organically through social media
The first step to joining Skincare Makers Club

All our courses are:

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Access several hours of amazing, in-depth courses, including hours of step-by-step instructions and videos of gorgeous recipes, all professionally instructed. 

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